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Flava Flav!!!


Two words “Reality Tv”. I cannot for the life of me stand reality tv shows. I’ve attempted to watch them on numerous occasions with my friends but it was a struggle to even watch 5 minutes. Everything you see on Tv now is reality Tv, Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, Survivor, I Love NY, they’re all so absurd. I think it’s the fact that all the characters on these shows are just so unrealistic and obnoxious. What happened to the good reality Tv like Real World and Road Rules? Those shows actually had genuine characters who lived together, not slutty girls who throw themselves at Celebrities. This growing trend can be attributed  to  the changing values and interests among  Americas and how we are focusing more and more on superficial things like money and sex.



  1. I totally agree with you nate. I hate these shows as well, they are not the least bit entertaining and yet they keep getting put on tv. Why is that? why cant we bring back those old shows that actually had meaning and were creative. Your absolutely right nate like always and I think you and I should right a letter or kill flavor flav….im down for either.

  2. I loved Flavor Flav. He was the best of the ghetto-tabulous VH1 Reality crap.

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