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Topic #1: This topic is about how the growth of technology and how it is increasingly breaking down traditional values that Americans once held dear. Around the table (if your family eats together at the table) think of how the role of personal messengers like Blackberry’s and Cell Phones have changed how we spend time with one another. People are also becoming closed of to strangers as media is constantly portraying the horrors that occur in everyday society, it’s become less common for us to talk with our neighbors and instead of spending time with one another we’re building up fences around our house and cutting ourselves off from the world around us.

People don’t interact with one another as they walk by in public- we ignore one another

Media constantly portrays the negatives making us afraid and closed off

We’ve become dependent on technology rather than connections with people


When this started?

Is this just a trend growing in the U.S?

What can be done to stop this growing trend?


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  1. I really like this topic Nate. I think you can do a lot of good research on this and come up with a pretty interesting conclusion. The questions you ask are definitely intriguing. I am excited to see more.

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