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Notorious B.I.G, Jack Kerauac, and Tupac, and God. I decided that I could exceed the cap of 3 people for  God. I chose Biggie and Tupac because of their unique past together and I’d like to see how they’d interact over dinner with one another. They started off on good terms but slowly their relationship started to deteriorate as the East Coast West Coast battle started to heat up. I’ve always wondered though what would they have said to one another if they had one more chance to talk. Would they make amends knowing how things turned out? Would the two greatest rappers who ever lived finally make peace like their mothers did at the MTV Music awards? I’d like to find out. I also chose Jack Kerauac because of his unique personality and radically views that I find intriguing. Then I chose God… because he’s God and doesn’t need an explanation.


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  1. Great choice Nate. Couldn’t have said it any better myself. I do love Tupac, I do love Biggie, I do love rap, and it would be interesting to see in this world where Biggie and Tupac would have left off if both were still alive..

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