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Flava Flav!!!


Two words “Reality Tv”. I cannot for the life of me stand reality tv shows. I’ve attempted to watch them on numerous occasions with my friends but it was a struggle to even watch 5 minutes. Everything you see on Tv now is reality Tv, Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, Survivor, I Love NY, they’re all so absurd. I think it’s the fact that all the characters on these shows are just so unrealistic and obnoxious. What happened to the good reality Tv like Real World and Road Rules? Those shows actually had genuine characters who lived together, not slutty girls who throw themselves at Celebrities. This growing trend can be attributed  to  the changing values and interests among  Americas and how we are focusing more and more on superficial things like money and sex.



My favorite toy when I was a kid had to be Legos. I remember going to the store with my parents every now and then and checking out the newest style, there were space legos, pirate legos, and even a western set. I think that my interest in this toy was sparked by my older brothers use. He made the coolest things from plain legos and being his younger brother I copied his every move. I had a room at one point designated to the specific use of legos, where I created a super lego structure that I worked on with my brother.


My corn dog movie would definitely be Clerks by Kevin Smith. This movie gets me every time I watch it. What I love most about it is how simple the plot is but how great the actors are. The movie’s about 2 Clerks who work at a convenience store, sounds boring right? Kevin Smith makes this boring ass plot into a work of art by focusing on witty dialogue between the different characters that are all unique. My two favorite characters in the movie are Jay and Silent Bob, two ridiculous guys who hang outside the Quick Stop. Another thing that I love about the movie is how it was made on one of the lowest budgets and uses hardly any cinematic effects. Movies now days are all about special effects and big budgets, but Kevin Smith was able to make a brilliant film with a practical budget.

Parachute Jump:

Dear God, why did you let my rip cord break? I’m only 19, I still have sooo much more life to live. I can name numerous things that I still have yet to try, to learn, and experience. I’ve never been to a major concert, I’ve never experienced life in europe, and I will never see the day I graduate college; what a jip.

I will never forget the first concert I attended. It was my sophomore year in High School and my favorite musical group Audible Mainframe from Boston was coming to the nearby concert hall The Iron Horse. Anticipation started to build as the day of the concert drew nearer, the thought of seeing Exposition (vocalist) and Bobby Mobetta (sax) live in person was overwhelming. That night was single handedly one of the most memorable nights of my life.